the oneThe One the new Hiber blast chiller

Always at the top of aesthetics and functions!

Centro Servizi del Gelatiere is pleased to present the new pentavalent blast chiller, result of Hiber research and innovation. The fundamentals that have driven this project are reliability, high performance, flexibility and ease of use.

One of the main features that strikes the observer is the 7 "touchscreen display that makes each operation simple, intuitive and self-explanatory. The 5 functions are immediately displayed and recognizable on the display: at each selection a process start without the need for further adjustments or interventions: everything you really need at your fingertips.

Working with The One is easy thanks to 300 pre-set modes and programmes, it is possible to fully exploit the potential of The One. The procedures can be modified or customized, or create new ones according to your needs. To each his own THE ONE.

Let's briefly see the 5 functions of The One:


Blast chilling allows one to plan in advance the preparations, to increase the productivity, to wholesome preserve flavour, colour, fragrance and weight and to avoid the risks of food poisoning and waste.It allows to quickly bring the temperature to + 3 ° C in the heart of the product, reducing the natural evaporation, maintaining the moisture and preventing the proliferation of bacteria after cooking.By the perfect control of the air and the temperature inside THE ONE, all the organoleptic characteristics of the product are kept intact.


The blast freezing ensures the products a longer shelf life, maintaining consistency, structure and density all year round. This allows you to program more efficient purchases in complete safety, from a hygiene point of view too. It allows to quickly bring the temperature to - 18 ° C in the heart of the product, keeping structure and consistency of the product intact. Thanks to a -40 ° C controlled air flow, it is possible to block over time the quality of a fresh product.


The thawing function, made in a controlled ambient and with a suitable method, keeps food appearance unchanged preserving its organoleptic properties. It is made with the maximum food safety, by the slow micro-crystallized water reabsorption inside the food. Thawing is the perfect procedure for hot or cold server products, as fishes or pastries, because it not damage the product molecular structure.


The flexibility given by the proofing retarding action permits to have a higher organization of the processes, a higher flexibility during the production operation, an improvement of the preparation and consequently improvement of working hours and finally reducing operation costs. You can decide for a direct or a programmed proofing retarding action: start to prepare, let rise, blocking the proofing rerader and decide the programming of the cooking procedure. All this actions are made with an accurate humidity monitoring to obtain the perfect result.


The low temperature cooking guarantees a greater softness and juiciness to the product and allows to optimize the cooking activities through a complete use of appliances, obtaining a faster and more efficient service, reducing the waste. This function is very simple to use and it’s perfect for keeping food warm during the service time, helping to improve preparation and organization. This procedure can also be used in pastry to melt chocolate or to candy the fruits.

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Check the spare parts list and send us the numeric code or the position of the required spare part: _ (eg IC512542106 or 32A).


  • Billing data + Telephone
  • Shipping data + Timetable and telephone by courier
  • BRAND + MODEL + SERIAL NUMBER (obligatory for the control units)

If you have difficulty, call in 0498702229 from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 12.30 and from 14.30 to 18.30

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CSG offers a complete and reliable assistance and consultancy service on all aspects related to the methodology for the evaluation of the location, the architectural consultancy and the analysis of the communication that are treated with professionalism and absolute rigor to make your place work better.
Given the experience in the sector of more than thirty years, the CSG has built a team of consultants, architects, designers and specialized surveyors, experts in:

  • market analysis services
  • layout study
  • business plan
  • design and construction of unique interiors
  • handling of loans (even non-repayable)

We are able to assist customers in the realization of projects of every type and complexity, from simple consulting to complete design.

Market analysis services

The market analysis is the solid base on which to build a project for the realization of a new business activity. Thanks to it, the ice cream maker can know what are the interests and needs of today's consumers, understand what proposals to launch on the market, the possible impact they might have, and develop an offer that is able to satisfy those needs not yet satisfied, so as to take a privileged position on the market. Using the best technologies available in your laboratory and with a weekly work schedule, you can also save time in terms of work and better manage your ice cream production.

Layout study

The study of the layout is the process by which the ice cream shop begins to take shape and we begin to take a look at it, above all through 3D rendering, where attention is paid to the setting and arrangement of products.
The image of the store, in fact, is the main key to facilitate and increase sales. The furnishings must be positioned in a studied way, to facilitate the consumer: this creates a welcoming environment, a pleasant ice cream shop that is able to retain customers who will be happy to return, thanks to their positive experience.

Business plan

The business plan is the most important strategic activity when planning to open an ice cream parlor. It is a document that summarizes all the steps to be taken and the investments to be incurred to realize your business project. If developed correctly, the business plan plays a strategic role: it will allow you to design a well-defined path, without ever taking your eyes off the goal. And not only that, this document can be a support in case you have to request funding.
In conclusion, the business plan will be of strategic importance: it will make a strong contribution to highlighting the qualities and weaknesses of your project, giving a solid help to realize your dream.

Design and implementation of unique interiors

The interiors of an ice-cream shop play a fundamental role in welcoming the customer, as they determine the first impact that the customer has on the ice-cream shop and influence their possible future choice to go back to the same ice-cream shop. The interiors must be tailored to the customer, but especially to the extent of the ice cream maker who must have room to maneuver to be at ease behind the ice-cream counters. So we will find the right combination of convenience and affability of the ice cream shop, aimed at customer loyalty and the tranquility of employees.

Treatment of loans (even non-repayable)

The funding is the last step to open an ice cream shop, as the amount to be requested may vary depending on the size of the ice cream shop, its location, the customers identified and the need of employees.
All factors that if known, through the various steps described above, allow an accurate calculation of any financing.
CSG helps you with this last step taking you safely to the inauguration of your business.


Technical assistance services

  • Repair by one of our certified technicians.
  • Delivery and installation with specially dedicated vehicles.
  • Explanation and testing by one of our certified technicians.
  • Assistance 6 days a week all year.
  • Extension of warranty and service contract.
  • Scheduled maintenance and customized contracts.

Our technicians

  • Competent and certified staff
  • Expert technicians: for over thirty years we have been repairing from the small creammaker to the large production line.
  • Timely: thanks to the new management systems we can organize a faster and more efficient Costumer Service.
  • Controls and maintenance
  • Design and construction of customized refrigeration systems

There are numerous reasons that make CSG the right choice for the verification checks of your machine:

  • Scrupulous compliance with the manufacturer's guidelines aimed at maintaining the warranty extension
  • Use of original spare parts
  • Continuous updating of technicians through training and updating courses
  • Use of the most modern diagnostic and repair equipment

Technical assistance and original spare parts service on:

  • BRAS
  • SPM
  • IFI
  • ILSA


The programmed maintenance is aimed at guaranteeing a degree of control of the wear and tear of the equipment, increasing the level of reliability and efficiency of the machinery, improving and making the technical assistance service as cheap as possible while minimizing the possibility of extraordinary repairs of the equipment.

Type of service:

  • Initial control and definition of the state of reliability and efficiency of the machines.
  • Periodic checks at a pre-established fixed price for the administration of labor for the repair of the machinery covered by the contract.
  • Inspection and mandatory obligations required by European regulation CE n. 842/2006 Fluoride gases with greenhouse effect (F-Gas).
  • Inspection and mandatory obligations under the OZONO regulation (CFC-HCFC included R22)

Application standards:

  • Ice-cream machines of the following brands:
    Carpigiani,  Coldelite,  Cattabriga,  Promag.
  • Professional ice cream display cabinets of the following brands:
    FB de Ranieri, Ifi, Orion,  Isa, Cof, Gelostandard.
  • Exhibitors or vertical cabinets of the following brands:
    Silfer,  Tecfrigo,  Longoni,  Isa.

Availability of application on a case-by-case basis of brands not previously mentioned and refrigeration systems falling within the requirements of the EC 842/2006 F-Gas (with mandatory register D.PR. 48/2012).
Schedule an appointment with our technical staff for the compilation of a machine card and a simultaneous assessment of the state of use of each individual equipment to define and bring to the conditions of maximum reliability and efficiency possible.


Furniture design is the first step towards a long-lasting activity. Whether you want to start a new business, or if you want to renew one, you must pay the utmost attention to build solid foundations through the advice of experts in the field. CSG offers this advice, from design to inauguration, through:

  • The use of 3D tools aimed at the complete vision of the final product offering the possibility of a wide personalization.
  • The "all inclusive" saves time and resources in the search for every single element being the CSG in close collaboration with the top brands in the sector.
  • The passion that CSG puts in every project guaranteed by more than 30 years of experience in the sector. Contact us to build your future together.

Design and Consulting

CSG designs and manufactures ice cream parlors and confectioneries, in general with the "all inclusive" with complete furnishings, ranging from ice cream showcases to refrigerators, ice cream making machines and, above all, thinking of the best arrangement of interior.
Choosing furniture is the crucial moment for those who want to open an ice cream parlor, as the furniture must be selected to make the structure comfortable and attractive.
The first impact that the customer will have on your ice cream shop is given by the furniture and this gives him a first impression on the premises and on a possible return.
We will work with you from the project draft, selecting the best ice cream machines, the showcases and the furniture, to reproduce the desired environment and design any type of interior.
Our ice cream design service will not only present you with a prospectus with modern and high quality machines, but it can also help you to increase the appearance and profitability of your ice-cream or pastry shop.

Ice-cream furniture

Creating the right environment is the best way to enter in the customer's heart and make sure that your brand is taken into consideration. If the customer is comfortably seated in your ice cream parlor, if the display case of your pastry shop is well lit and positioned in the right place, he will certainly come back to visit you. The furniture for the ice cream or pastry is as important as the ice cream or desserts you serve. If customers are not relaxed, impressed or enthusiastic about your ice cream parlor, whatever atmosphere you create will not encourage their return.

Furniture for your ice-cream shop: your budget

We always offer the best prices on products for the furnishing of the ice-cream parlor or confectionery, confectionery showcases, ice cream machines and we regularly update our customers with the latest machines available on the market. The quality, the style and the assembly of our furniture are accompanied with the guarantee of established producers at favorable prices.

Ice cream design and preparation

We provide a complete design service from beginning to end in fact we will accompany you from the simple sketch of the map on a sheet of paper passing through a 3D visualization of the final project and finally get to the practical processing of the project up to the actual opening of the ice cream shop. Strengthened by our experience that allows us to work closely with ice cream machine suppliers and to guarantee the best progress of the project in all its phases.

Consultants in the furnishing of ice-cream parlors, bars and pastry shop

With the experience gained in thirty years of activity in the area of ice cream we have allowed us to identify the key points, to be developed together with the customer, to open up their business and transform their ideas into work spaces for their own ice-cream parlor professionally.
Having respectable official partners and market leaders such as Carpigiani, IFI, BRAS and many others, we are able to offer our customers the best professional ice cream equipment with the best quality-price ratio, reducing initial costs thanks to careful selection from ice cream equipment in order to cover the expenses in a very short time.
We will know how to choose the most suitable solutions for your business, especially if you want to start a new work unit with new equipment or even with used equipment guaranteed by our periodic reviews.

Ice cream and confectionery furnishings: at your side with our offices in Padua

Come and visit us in Padua Via Canada 12, to have a cognitive interview and to start planning together your new ice cream parlor or even why not renewing what you have already started.
We will begin a journey together, starting from the analysis of the activity, using cutting-edge tools with the convenient "all inclusive" that will allow you to take a complete view of your new ice cream shop saving time and money; finally, all this will be characterized by the passion and experience of those who, like CSG, put their heart in what has been working for over thirty years in close contact with the best brands in the sector (Carpigiani, IFI).

  • Do you want to know more about the artisan italian gelato world?
    Woud you like to open an ice cream shop but you do not know how to do it?
    Do you want to start a winning business?
    You are in the right place!

    We organize training courses for Ice Cream makers and confectioners, also in collaboration with Carpigiani Gelato University.
    We create YOUR Business Plan: a costs and proceeds plan based on YOUR production capacity in order to help YOU with YOUR business growth.
    We design YOUR laboratory and sales point. Moreover, we install all inclusive Ice Cream and pastry shops with all the required permissions.

    Courses - Realizations - Products
    Contact us to learn more about...




We offer a rental service that will allow you to amortize the running costs of an ice cream machine, offering you the possibility to pay with an useful monthly fee an ice cream machine ready to use for your business; you will not be left alone, in fact beyond the installation there is a training to the ideal use of the machine aimed at the longevity of the machine itself and therefore the warranty.

Offered services

  • Transport, installation and training for use
  • warranty
  • Competent technical assistance both on site and by telephone
  • Clarity and transparency, with a clear and understandable contract
  • Advantageous rental conditions
  • Insurance

Benefits of operating rental

  • No capital immobilization
  • Tax deductibility to 100% of the entire fees (VAT included)
  • Out-of-budget assets
  • No reporting to the central risks
  • Possibility of final redemption of the property

We offer a professional equipment rental service for short and long periods. Contact us to receive a free estimate!

Rent request
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