CSG offers a complete and reliable assistance and consultancy service on all aspects related to the methodology for the evaluation of the location, the architectural consultancy and the analysis of the communication that are treated with professionalism and absolute rigor to make your place work better.
Given the experience in the sector of more than thirty years, the CSG has built a team of consultants, architects, designers and specialized surveyors, experts in:

  • market analysis services
  • layout study
  • business plan
  • design and construction of unique interiors
  • handling of loans (even non-repayable)

We are able to assist customers in the realization of projects of every type and complexity, from simple consulting to complete design.

Market analysis services

The market analysis is the solid base on which to build a project for the realization of a new business activity. Thanks to it, the ice cream maker can know what are the interests and needs of today's consumers, understand what proposals to launch on the market, the possible impact they might have, and develop an offer that is able to satisfy those needs not yet satisfied, so as to take a privileged position on the market. Using the best technologies available in your laboratory and with a weekly work schedule, you can also save time in terms of work and better manage your ice cream production.

Layout study

The study of the layout is the process by which the ice cream shop begins to take shape and we begin to take a look at it, above all through 3D rendering, where attention is paid to the setting and arrangement of products.
The image of the store, in fact, is the main key to facilitate and increase sales. The furnishings must be positioned in a studied way, to facilitate the consumer: this creates a welcoming environment, a pleasant ice cream shop that is able to retain customers who will be happy to return, thanks to their positive experience.

Business plan

The business plan is the most important strategic activity when planning to open an ice cream parlor. It is a document that summarizes all the steps to be taken and the investments to be incurred to realize your business project. If developed correctly, the business plan plays a strategic role: it will allow you to design a well-defined path, without ever taking your eyes off the goal. And not only that, this document can be a support in case you have to request funding.
In conclusion, the business plan will be of strategic importance: it will make a strong contribution to highlighting the qualities and weaknesses of your project, giving a solid help to realize your dream.

Design and implementation of unique interiors

The interiors of an ice-cream shop play a fundamental role in welcoming the customer, as they determine the first impact that the customer has on the ice-cream shop and influence their possible future choice to go back to the same ice-cream shop. The interiors must be tailored to the customer, but especially to the extent of the ice cream maker who must have room to maneuver to be at ease behind the ice-cream counters. So we will find the right combination of convenience and affability of the ice cream shop, aimed at customer loyalty and the tranquility of employees.

Treatment of loans (even non-repayable)

The funding is the last step to open an ice cream shop, as the amount to be requested may vary depending on the size of the ice cream shop, its location, the customers identified and the need of employees.
All factors that if known, through the various steps described above, allow an accurate calculation of any financing.
CSG helps you with this last step taking you safely to the inauguration of your business.