Furniture design is the first step towards a long-lasting activity. Whether you want to start a new business, or if you want to renew one, you must pay the utmost attention to build solid foundations through the advice of experts in the field. CSG offers this advice, from design to inauguration, through:

  • The use of 3D tools aimed at the complete vision of the final product offering the possibility of a wide personalization.
  • The "all inclusive" saves time and resources in the search for every single element being the CSG in close collaboration with the top brands in the sector.
  • The passion that CSG puts in every project guaranteed by more than 30 years of experience in the sector. Contact us to build your future together.

Design and Consulting

CSG designs and manufactures ice cream parlors and confectioneries, in general with the "all inclusive" with complete furnishings, ranging from ice cream showcases to refrigerators, ice cream making machines and, above all, thinking of the best arrangement of interior.
Choosing furniture is the crucial moment for those who want to open an ice cream parlor, as the furniture must be selected to make the structure comfortable and attractive.
The first impact that the customer will have on your ice cream shop is given by the furniture and this gives him a first impression on the premises and on a possible return.
We will work with you from the project draft, selecting the best ice cream machines, the showcases and the furniture, to reproduce the desired environment and design any type of interior.
Our ice cream design service will not only present you with a prospectus with modern and high quality machines, but it can also help you to increase the appearance and profitability of your ice-cream or pastry shop.

Ice-cream furniture

Creating the right environment is the best way to enter in the customer's heart and make sure that your brand is taken into consideration. If the customer is comfortably seated in your ice cream parlor, if the display case of your pastry shop is well lit and positioned in the right place, he will certainly come back to visit you. The furniture for the ice cream or pastry is as important as the ice cream or desserts you serve. If customers are not relaxed, impressed or enthusiastic about your ice cream parlor, whatever atmosphere you create will not encourage their return.

Furniture for your ice-cream shop: your budget

We always offer the best prices on products for the furnishing of the ice-cream parlor or confectionery, confectionery showcases, ice cream machines and we regularly update our customers with the latest machines available on the market. The quality, the style and the assembly of our furniture are accompanied with the guarantee of established producers at favorable prices.

Ice cream design and preparation

We provide a complete design service from beginning to end in fact we will accompany you from the simple sketch of the map on a sheet of paper passing through a 3D visualization of the final project and finally get to the practical processing of the project up to the actual opening of the ice cream shop. Strengthened by our experience that allows us to work closely with ice cream machine suppliers and to guarantee the best progress of the project in all its phases.

Consultants in the furnishing of ice-cream parlors, bars and pastry shop

With the experience gained in thirty years of activity in the area of ice cream we have allowed us to identify the key points, to be developed together with the customer, to open up their business and transform their ideas into work spaces for their own ice-cream parlor professionally.
Having respectable official partners and market leaders such as Carpigiani, IFI, BRAS and many others, we are able to offer our customers the best professional ice cream equipment with the best quality-price ratio, reducing initial costs thanks to careful selection from ice cream equipment in order to cover the expenses in a very short time.
We will know how to choose the most suitable solutions for your business, especially if you want to start a new work unit with new equipment or even with used equipment guaranteed by our periodic reviews.

Ice cream and confectionery furnishings: at your side with our offices in Padua

Come and visit us in Padua Via Canada 12, to have a cognitive interview and to start planning together your new ice cream parlor or even why not renewing what you have already started.
We will begin a journey together, starting from the analysis of the activity, using cutting-edge tools with the convenient "all inclusive" that will allow you to take a complete view of your new ice cream shop saving time and money; finally, all this will be characterized by the passion and experience of those who, like CSG, put their heart in what has been working for over thirty years in close contact with the best brands in the sector (Carpigiani, IFI).